Character limit

The following function will create a custom function to create a unique character limit excerpt for the post. Add the following to functions.php:

Add the following to the page template to get the function to show:

Limit Post Title Length

Here is how to limit the post title length.

Replace your post title with the snippet above.

Show Excerpt Custom Length

Here is how to show the excerpt with a custom length of characters that will not cutoff the word. You also do not need to add anything to fucntions.php for this to work. Make sure the following code is between the if (have_posts) section.

Change the number “350” to […]

Custom Length Excerpt

Here is how to setup a custom length excerpt without cutting off the last word. First, Add the following snippet to your functions.php file:

Next, add the following code where you want the excerpt to show up:

Change your excerpt length from 125 to whatever length you want […]