Remove Revolution Slider Meta Box from Pages

The following snippet will remove the annoying Metabox on your pages that Slider Revolution adds. Just add this to your functions.php and watch the metabox dissappear.

Code originally found here:

Hide All WordPress Updates from a Specific User

Here is how to hide ALL update notifications in the WordPress admin area for a specific username. So if you wanted to hide updates when your client logins to WordPress you could use this. It is important to note that this is not recommended unless you plan on routinely updating […]

PHP Schedule Content Between Two Dates

The following bit of code will allow you to schedule content between two dates set in php. So if you want to have say an announcement show up on your website and a certain date and then disappear after another date you can set that up using this code.

Remove Emoji Code from WordPress 1

With the release of WordPress version 4.2 the development team added support for emoticons (emojis) built into the core. This support adds a good deal of code to the core that can be seen if you check your source code when your WordPress site loads. If you do not use […]

Change the Parent URL of Children

Here is how to change the parent slug permalink and also apply it to the children. For example if you have: And you want to change it to: You would do the following in htaccess:

And to add it into htaccess include it like this:

The […]

How to use WordPress Custom Fields GPS with Google Maps API

In this post I am going to show you how to implement the Google Maps API with WordPress’ custom fields containing GPS coordinates. I like to use the Advanced Custom Fields plugin to manage the WordPress fields and in this example will have several custom fields for the longitude and […]

Display Advanced Custom FieldsGallery into Justified Image Grid

Here is how to get the Advanced Custom Fields Gallery type to display in the Justified Image Grid plugin.

Got the original code for this from and modified it slightly to work with Justified Image Grid.

Advanced Custom Fields File Field with Repeater and Showing Title

Here is some code that will use the Advanced Custom Fields file field and output the filename with a link to the file as well.

Adding a Basic Slider to your Theme or Site

Flex Slider is an awesome and super basic image slider that you can add to your theme to make it easy for clients to add a slider to their webpages. ┬áThis slider is well documented and because of that we will jsut be linking to some basic articles on how […]